Unfortunately, my access provider’s Usenet feed crashed for a while, so I
didn’t receive the following message, posted on April 5. I will include
the whole post for context, and respond afterwards.

-This should be a moderated newsgroup and I support Stefan Grunewald in his
-past work.

-I find the current proposal by Jeff Rawlings to be a little restrictive and
-seemingly couched in terms of his own perspective as an Internet Consultant
-and Research Biologist.  Stefan Grunewald seems to approach the subject with
-much more of an open mind without seeking to restrict the flow of information
-on the forum.  I can foresee the future when there may be need to break out
-into sub sets of people who are seeking the very focused type of self
-interest groups that Jeff appears to be promoting but don’t believe it’s
-reached that point yet.  I am an engineer by training and a business man by
-choice, even though I have been awarded five patents, and I enjoy the wide
-ranging interchange of ideas and technology that the forum offers.  In this
-case the primary focus is business oriented (hence the name biz.) and if it’s
-used for a scientific interchange also then so be it.

-I find the approach to restricting the biotech to that of Mr.
-Rawlings field of interest to be somewhat limited at this time, although I
-think that in the future additional forums will make sense.  I’m just not
-sure the Internet is advanced enough in terms of membership to make it of
-much value right now and prefer the community approach. My of
– as consisting of science which addresses both the chemical
-physical in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare
-practice, and diagnostics appears to be much too broad also.  Both Jeff
-and I also seem to ignore the fact that can be further

broken -down to areas of interest in the animal, plant and human

-Perhaps before trying to set up a limited interest group moderated by Jeff
-we should decide on the breakdown of subjects that satisfy all of the readers,
-the intent of the forum as proposed by it’s title and the interest of the
-readers.  In other words, an organized approach to categorizing the sections
-of interest, then a measurement of the number of readers and lurkers who
-would be interested in each category

-When I asked Jeff whether we should poll the individuals subscribing to the
-biz-biotech list to see if any of them were interested other areas, such as
-medical application, he suggested that I do so.  I don’t mind doing the work
-but think it should be coordinated by Stefan Grunewald, along with any
-other topics or surveys which may interest readers and facilitate the
-organization of a NewsGroup(s) which would be easier to converse on.

-Like Jeff, I have specific areas of interest that I would like to see,
-such as possibly a Biz.medical or some such animal that would address a

large and meaningful segment of the contermporary economy.

-In the interim I would suggest that biz.biotech be converted to a newsgroup
-along with biz.biomarket with Stefan Grunewald as moderator.

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